Sunday, May 31, 2015

Action required

This is from Dr. Davis at TCH.....

SB66 allowing for epinephrine auto-injectors in Texas public schools is now on Gov. Abbott's desk for signature.  Would you please email and call Gov. Abbott's office ASAP?  
The telephone number to call is 512-463-1782 and also email his office.  Both are preferred. 
To email his office go to
- click contact
- select - I am registering my opinion (No response required)
- click select
- fill in the contact boxes
- in the issue box - choose Education – Public
- in the comment box please put something asking him to sign SB66 (Sen. Hinojosa and Rep. Crownover) which allows for epinephrine auto-injectors in Texas public schools.
- click send
Thank you,
Carla M. Davis, MD

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