Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School: What's Cookin' in Public School?

Houston Independent School District
As a follow up to our meeting this month themed "Back to School", I decided to do some research on protocols established by neighboring public schools. As I mentioned before we currently attend private school however I am familiar with the extensive protocols that HISD has in place because I have family that works for HISD's food service department. For the purpose of making this blog informational I pulled a few sections of the district's website to share here. I know there were a few parents that attended the HFAN August meeting that mentioned they would be meeting with their school principal soon. We would love to hear how the meeting went and any recommendations you might have on how to make the best of the meeting with the school principal and/or administrators. Below are a few resources from HISD's website that I found most helpful and informative. 
Dietary Accommodations
Search Allergens

2013-2014 Breakfast Allergen Chart
2013-2014 Lunch Menu Allergen Chart

I also included a section from the FAQ's. I was curious to know if parents are prohibited from bringing store bought or homemade sweets into the classroom for birthday celebrations.The FAQ's didn't quite answer my the question but they specify that the "special" treat should not be served during the lunch period so that the student's appetite is not ruined.

FAQ's Nutritional Guidelines

If your child attends a public school we would love to hear from you! Please share your experience with managing your child's food allergy and any helpful tips for our HFAN families!

Dairy Allergy Mom

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