Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to School Part 2: The best part is it involves shopping with no waiting in line!

Okay so maybe your not the type to stand in the long lines for tax free weekend, and maybe you managed to get all of your school shopping done in July. (I envy you) For the rest of us, okay me, who three weeks after school has started, was at Academy desperately searching for a boy's size 4 khaki short because I waited too long to place our uniform order and now everything is in back order, (gasp) shopping is probably not on your list of favorite things to do!

As our Nut Eggactly mom so eloquently blogged last month Back to School: Part 1/Getting Organized!, back to school means refilling prescriptions, scheduling doctors appointments, updating emergency action plans, and meeting with school administrators.  As I mentioned before this means that clothes shopping takes a back seat! I tend to prioritize shopping for allergy bands, cases to hold our auto-injectors, stickers etc.

This year shopping for allergy gear took on a whole different meaning after I came across  Blue Bear Aware. This site is full of allergy products to help manage our son's food allergy when he is away from home in what I call a fun, functional and fashionable way! I'll include links to a few of the products that I like and also one that my husband recommends for the food allergy dad's out there. The best part for us was learning that Blue Bear Aware is located here in Houston! HFAN would like to thank Blue Bear Aware Owner Heather for joining us at our Back to School Part 2 meeting.
Thank you Blue Bear Aware
HFAN Dairy Allergy Mom's Blue Bear Aware Fav's
FRIO - Helps keep auto-injector cool 
Inhaler - Puffer Pouch Shooting Stars
Customer Allergy Labels (the one labeled Housework of course!)
HFAN Dairy Allergy Dad's Blue Bear Aware Fav's
Plain DUO

So as we bring our Back to School discussion to a close I invite you to stay tuned to our blog and facebook page for announcements about our October meeting date and discussion topics.
HFAN Dairy Allergy Mom

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