Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Houston FARE Walk!

Good morning!
My son spotted this beautiful rainbow the morning of the walk.  

The 2014 Houston FARE Walk proved to be an exciting day for all in my family.  I hope that it was great for all of you too!  The day was fun filled with lots of products to sample and vendors to answer questions.  My family and I arrived early and were, unexpectedly, greeted with this beautiful rainbow.  It seemed a bit random since the skies were so blue behind it.  I took it as a sign that it was going to be a good day.  The only things I would change for next year would be to make it about 10 degrees cooler with no mosquitos, but whose complaining?!

A special thanks goes out to Denise, team captain, for organizing our team so quickly.  We reached our goal the day of the race! Next year, HFAN will have a booth to promote our support group.  FARE has provided us with a banner and will provide educational materials.  

Great to see all of your smiling faces! 

FARE Walk 2014

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